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The importance of spraying your cabinets with a fine finish sprayer

Here at Diamond sprayer finishers we believe a sprayer is only as good as the equipment used in finishing the job. The importance of the spray machine used in finishing cabinets cannot be underestimated. Its the key to achieving a highly professional finish and that factory look.

FinishPro II 395 PC Electric Air-Assisted Airless Sprayer


With features that make a great sprayer even better, the FinishPro II 395 PC is Graco’s premier solution to fine finishing. It delivers a high quality finish at a high production rate, and can handle the most challenging materials.

Includes the features and output to quickly deliver high-quality finishes.

  • SmartControl 1.0 with Digital Display

  • Increased spray performance

  • Consistent spray fan without pressure fluctuations at all spraying pressures

  • Digital display accurately shows spraying pressure

  • SmartComp

  • Compressor is activated by the gun trigger—if you’re not spraying, it’s not running!

  • Reduces jobsite noise, resulting in less fatigue

  • Pulling trigger delivers instant air to the gun with zero lag

  • Chromex Endurance Pump

  • The most reliable pump on the market—lasts 2 times longer than the next leading brand

  • ProConnect

  • Fast and easy on-the-job Pump Replacement System

  • 1-minute jobsite replacement in 3 simple steps

  • Pinless design eliminates the chance of losing parts during the change-out process

  • High-Output On-Board Air Compressor

  • Ideal for on-site finish jobs

  • Delivers 3.2 ft³/min at 35 psi (0.1 m³/min at 2.4 bar)—enough air to break up the heaviest of materials

  • Exclusive Pressure Unloader results in quieter operation

  • Precision-Cut RAC X FF LP SwitchTip

  • Less overspray and increased pump life

  • Sprays at lower pressures with less overspray

  • Pre-orifice design produces a perfect airless finish

  • Finer atomization and soft edges for easier overlapping

  • Reduces prep and cleanup

  • Includes solvent seal for hot solvents

  • G40 Spray Gun

  • An industrial quality air-assisted spray gun that delivers superior finishing results

  • Integrated air valve improves gun handling

  • Super-Flex Hose Set

  • The flexibility to get into tight spaces—focus on the task, not the tool!

  • Extremely lightweight in hand, which reduces fatigue

  • Connects directly to the gun for maximum flexibility

  • Two Sprayers in One

  • Select air-assisted or airless modes, depending on what’s best for the application

  • Simple, color-coded labels easily identify airless and air-assisted airless modes with a single selector switch

  • Self-Contained & Portable

  • One plug runs the entire unit, simplifying jobsite operation


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