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10 kitchen design trends we'll be seeing in 2018

In a study by kitchen appliance manufacturer Britannia Living, 52 per cent of respondents rated their kitchen as the room with the most financial value followed by the lounge (40 per cent), then the bedroom/bathroom (3 per cent).

The kitchen operates as the heart of the home and a space where we cook and enjoy food while socializing with friends and family. So with these new stats, let's take a look at the top kitchen trends for 2018

1. Quartz worktops

This trend looks set to continue in the year ahead as the quality and value of materials becomes an important consideration. Previously quartz was seen as a luxury kitchen surface, perhaps out of the price range of the average household, but the development of composite surfaces is opening the possibility of natural stone as an option for both kitchen and bathroom surfaces. The upgrade from laminate to natural stone can greatly increase the grandeur of the room for a relatively modest price increase.

2. The industrial look

This is a look that combines the beauty of materials such as wood, stone and concrete and then with advanced engineering creates innovative finishes and solutions. It's a look that re-purposes and redefines, creating designs that echo our desire to rein things back to what really matters: form, function and aesthetics.

3. Handleless units

The overall linear look is proving very popular in today's modern kitchen, and we will continue to see more plain and handle-less doors for a simple yet modern style, predominantly in gloss finishes and in grey or neutral earthy hues. The traditional grained timber and timber effects sector in natural tones will also become more popular thanks to the increase in painted color options, and this will only continue to grow as homeowner's desire a look that is both sleek and flexible.

4. Clutter-free worktops

Having clutter-free worktops is an emerging interior design trend. It can open up the space of a kitchen and allows the home cook to calmly prepare their food at a clear surface. The options for cabinetry are developing to enable this layout, carrying various compartments and shelves for everything from seasoning and oils to paper towels and tea bags. Clear worktops can also create the illusion of a larger kitchen space, so for consumers with a smaller kitchen environment it's well worth considering having a tidy-up!

5. High quality storage solutions

Designers still currently prefer to hide small kitchen appliances, therefore food processors and kettles will find homes in tall larders, as will a preference towards deep drawers and intelligent high quality storage solutions. Both style and practicality will be increasingly present as kitchen designers look to create the wow factor.

6. Monochrome tones

We're anticipating a rise in popularity of grey, black and white tones in the kitchen. These colors can work to varying degrees, whether it's entire cabinets, worktops or appliances, or subtle hues coming through in various details and accents such as kitchen accessories. While black and white have always been popular finishes, 2017 has seen demand for grey products surge and we expect that demand for grey surfaces of all shades, to be a key trend for 2018.

7. Modern painted cabinets

In terms of the painted kitchen, the trends are moving away from the chunkier profiles and looking to slim, thinner contouring that are allowing shaker style doors and slab drawer combinations to maintain classical proportions with a modern look and feel. Instead, new and modern painted doors are coming to the fore as they have the ability to work across all types of kitchen design, even handle-less.

8. Copper accents

The main trend in color right now is towards grey and earthy tones with homeowners opting for simple, neutral colored kitchen designs that will stand the test of time. In 2017 shades of grey in cabinets and doors will continue to be in demand and we will also start to see more copper colored handles, accessories and appliances coming through as people try to find alternatives to stainless steel and black to complement their cabinets.

9. More technology

Technology is rapidly developing in the contemporary home leaving the kitchen as no exception. In the New Year there will be more of a focus on appliances such as integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality, color changing lights and even pop up sockets for phone charging, giving traditional kitchens a subtle, modern twist.

Smarter iKettle & Coffee Machine is great for those early mornings - you can control them from your bed via an app and when you get downstairs your hot drink is ready for you.

10. Range cookers

The recent survey saw the range cooker come out on top as the one appliance respondents don't already have but would want in their dream kitchen, while cookers and ovens and fridge freezers were selected as the kitchen appliance respondents would be willing to invest the most money in.

While the financial benefits of improving the kitchen are appealing, ultimately, the benefits of an attractive, high-quality kitchen stretch far beyond financial ones. It is a space with strong emotional bonds as many of us associate the room with enjoying food, cooking delicious meals, and spending quality time with friends and family.

This is where appliances, like range cookers, can add a whole new dynamic to the family home, encouraging cooking as a family and making meal times that bit more enjoyable.

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